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Now you can create your own blog in minutes. You can either purchase your own domain for blog, or you can make a blog for free on free blog hosting websites. After you create your blog, the first step should be to submit it on search engines and blog directories.

Submitting your blog is just like submitting your website, however, there are various differences which we would look here and know how to index the blog more quickly?. Google, Yahoo, and MSN are three major search engines on internet; this article will cover the ways about submitting your blog on these search engines.

Before submitting your blog on Google, you must ensure that your blog has a sitemap.It is advisable to go through your sitemap every now and then to see if it has any error. You only need to submit your blog once on Google; you don't need to submit again, but do not ignore your sitemap.

If your blog is hosted on Wordpress, you can install Wordpress sitemap plugin to automatically update and notify it to Google. If your blog hosting website does not offer you blogging software, you can find free tools for creating sitemaps on Google. Sitemap is not a hindrance to submit your blog on Google Webmasters. Google drags results from blog directories, so it is good to submit your blog on these blog directories, and ping your site when you revise your blog. There are many websites which offer you this service, but Feed Shot is the most powerful website which submits your blog on main blog directories.

Yahoo works differently than Google. It asks you to submit your site feed instead of sitemap. It is wise to add your blog feed on your 'My Yahoo' page, so that your blog can be indexed quickly to Yahoo's version of blog search.

Now let's talk about MSN which is the third biggest search engine after Google and Yahoo. MSN works differently; you can directly submit your blog on MSN, and for this you do not need an account. However, it is a little lengthy process as it is all manual. One another easy way to submit on MSN is to submit your blog on 'Moreover' news site, because many results which MSN shows are dragged from 'Moreover'.

After you are done with your blog submission on Google, Yahoo, and MSN, ping it every time you update it. Before pinging your blog, you should make sure if you have also presented your blog on all of the directories listed.

These are some of the tips to submit your blog on search engines. After that, promote it by writing new posts and submit them in directories accordingly. This way you can build links and pull traffic towards your blog.

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